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Top 10 gender lists prove useless….AGAIN!

The other day I was reading the news and an article caught my eye by promising to reveal the top ten things that women do that are a huge turn off for men. It was filled with all the usual fashion drivel, like blue eye shadow, body glitter (except when the glitter is in a woman’s cleavage of course), and big bouffant hair-do’s (big surprise!). However illuminating these bits of fashion advice are, they don’t really offer anything real. I already know not to paint my face as though I belong to an indigenous tribe of drag queens, and I don’t have 6 inch talons hanging from my fingertips. I wanted to see some insightful information in that article that had nothing to do with women on the outside, as in let’s try for a moment and reflect on personality for a change. Hmm? I mean, do we really have to focus on make-up and hair as the only things about women that are attractive or not? I don’t know many women who do that. We’re mainly happy if a man is clean, takes care of himself, and isn’t a psychopath.


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