“Parking Wars” doesn’t know their a$$ from their elbow.

I recently learned there was a television show on A&E called parking wars. I find it funny that the Philadelphia Parking Authority gets to make everyday people look like morons on tv, while they come off looking like the hero. A little over a year ago an old roommate called from North Carolina to tell me that I was recieving mail from the PPA. I had no idea what it was about, so I asked her to send me the letters she had. Turns out that I had two tickets from the PPA for different reasons, with the total amount of said tickets being $157.

The really funny thing about this, is that I have never lived anywhere in Pennsylvania, never registered a car in Pennsylvania, or even driven through Pennsylvania. I called the PPA to clear up what should have been a simple misunderstanding. They sent the tickets to the wrong person with the same name, or it was a case of identity theft, right? That’s where it gets even weirder. The vehicle that they ticketed has PA plates, they don’t use social security numbers when registering vehicles in the great state of PA, and the only thing they could verify was my name. So whomever belongs to the car apparently has the same name as me.  I checked to see how common this was and found out there are hundreds of people in the U.S. with the same name as me. So how did they get me listed as the person they ticketed? Did they put all of our addresses in a fishbowl and pick out mine?? Nobody can answer this question.

I called the PPA several times last year, I was told every time that I could not speak to a supervisor, and was treated like a liar. One woman even had the gall to suggest I should just pay the tickets, even though they weren’t mine just to avoid trouble with the PPA. Finally, I spoke to one woman who stated that her supervisor would not speak with me, but would submit the tickets for review. I didn’t recieve another letter, so I stupidly assumed the matter was cleared up.

Three days ago I went online to make sure that my credit report was up to snuff, because I had been turned down for a credit card and couldn’t figure out why. I found a negative report from the Philadelphia Parking Authority stating that I had never paid for my supposed tickets while not visiting their crime infested black hole of a city. Once again, I called the PPA and was rudely refused the right to speak to a supervisor a total of four times. After repeating my story several times, she curtly told me she would submit my tickets for review.

Hmm, sounds familiar. I decided enough is enough, and contacted the news stations in Philadelphia to let them know the first-rate job their city government flunkies were doing. The first station I called told me they couldn’t do anything, because I didn’t live in Philly, which I thought that was one of the main points of the situation, duh. The second one I called asked me to send an e-mail detailing every scrap of information I could find about it. I have a feeling that the man I spoke with had been given a few tickets in the past. Hopefully, this can be resolved without hiring a lawyer just to make them correct their own mistake.



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2 responses to ““Parking Wars” doesn’t know their a$$ from their elbow.

  1. That sounds maddening. When you have a work culture with no accountability, innocent people get passed around and nobody wants to help.

    • YES! Very maddening and frustrating. But I called their local news stations and now they are telling me they can help, after two years of phone calls. It’s just sad that you have to threaten in order to get results.

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